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Receipt for Blessing

When you make a purchase, you are usually given a receipt as proof of payment.  Blessing is the receipt of servanthood and generosity.  The Bible is filled with examples of the blessings for those who give:  Proverbs. 11:25 “The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself.”  Proverbs. 22:9 “He who has a generous eye will be blessed, for he gives of his bread to the poor.”  Isaiah. 32:8 “But a generous man devises generous things, and by generosity he shall stand.”  We make a living by what we get out of life, but we make a life by what we give. 

Do we live life by, “What can I get or what can I give?”  Life owes you nothing, BUT a life in Jesus Christ will give you everything.  The kingdom of God is about giving and receiving, sowing and reaping, planting and harvesting, summer and winter, seedtime and harvest.  Receiving starts with giving: Giving our time, talents, commitment, finances, spiritual gifting, prayer, hospitality, care, concern, love and compassion.  A fitting motto is “What can I do to bless you? Can I mow your lawns, wash your car, or run an errand?”

Jesus obviously lived His life blessing others; while the disciples were arguing about who was the greatest at the last supper, Jesus took a towel and washed their feet.     His power was in His humility. Our power comes from the unseen jobs that we do.     Acts 26:16 “I have appeared to you to appoint you as My servant and My witness…tell the world about this experience” Understand this: every experience you’ve had with God has one purpose – to make you his servant and His witness. 

Whilst we are serving the Lord, we need to secure our tongues! You’ll never win people to Christ if all they hear coming out of your mouth is ‘what’s wrong’ with the church, preachers, and Christians etc. Servants don’t criticize, generous people don’t criticize.  Be generous with your tongue as well as with your deeds. 

Matthew. 23:11-12 “But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant. 12“And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” In the Kingdom of God, we all need to fit into the giving department and the serving department. What can I do to bless? What can I do to help? This is what we need to be asking ourselves each day.   

Murmuring, complaining, rebellion and disobedience was what led the children of Israel to end up walking in doubt and unbelief and kept them out of the Promised Land till they all died unfulfilled with destiny in their loins.   Are you being kept out of your promised land of blessing, release and an increase in righteousness because of your attitude towards servanthood, towards giving to bless your brothers and sisters?


Let’s start honouring one another more than ourselves, preferring one another before ourselves, and seeing whom we can bless this week.  



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The reputation of the Church continues to expand, having a dynamic influence and impact with annual Conferences that attract International Speakers who are specifically sourced to enrich and equip leaders in regional towns and cities.   Today, A Church In The Market Place is consistently growing and operates from a one acre site just on the outskirts of the main town of Kingaroy (South East Queensland, Australia). As the church continues to grow, the vision remains constant, connecting people to purpose!