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The choice is yours

Life is full of choices! We make choices from the moment we wake up in the morning; what time to get up, to shower or not, what to eat for breakfast, what to do today…..

We take for granted some of these everyday decisions. They’re automatic because we make the same ones every day. Sometimes they’re made for us because they are things we just have to do. There are many other choices we make through the day that are also automatic, but we are in command of them. These choices include; the words we speak, our attitudes, and our actions. We are responsible for the choices we make!


Our words: We have a choice of negative or positive.  A lady was in a shop looking at hair colours when a young girl said, “You shouldn’t dye your hair such a dark colour. It doesn’t suit you.” How do you think that made this lady feel? On the other hand, someone else was having coffee with their children and a lady was watching them, and as she left she came over and said, “For what it’s worth, I think you are beautiful and so are your children.” How do you think that made this person feel? We have choices with our words! Choose to encourage others and be a positive part of their day, their life.

Our attitudes: Choose your attitude; negative or positive, encouraging or down-putting. We can choose to look for the good in everything or go with the bad; be a victim or an over-comer. Rebecca Gibney, the actress had a difficult childhood. While some people use their terrible childhood experience as an excuse for crime or unhappiness, others choose another direction. It’s inspiring to learn she survived to become so successful, and it goes to show we always have choices, no matter what our circumstances. The choice is yours.

Our actions: We can choose to do the right thing or the wrong thing, be responsible or irresponsible, be a servant to others or get everything you can from people. I am so excited to see people in this place looking after each other and taking an interest in others! That’s what the family of God should do.  John 13:35. “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you love one another (if you keep on showing love among yourselves)”

Our choices dictate our behaviour. You are a product today of the choices you made yesterday. The choices that you make today will determine what you will be tomorrow. Ultimately, your choices will determine your destiny.

The most important choice we will ever make is the choice to follow Jesus. Joshua 24:15 “Choose you this day whom you will serve.” God is love and has given all men the choice to follow him or not.

How are you going to live your life? Live wisely. Choose wisely. God needs us in this hour, and we certainly need Him. Amen.



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The reputation of the Church continues to expand, having a dynamic influence and impact with annual Conferences that attract International Speakers who are specifically sourced to enrich and equip leaders in regional towns and cities.   Today, A Church In The Market Place is consistently growing and operates from a one acre site just on the outskirts of the main town of Kingaroy (South East Queensland, Australia). As the church continues to grow, the vision remains constant, connecting people to purpose!